We do not only work as developers. In addition to development, our team members have extensive experience in business, branding, law, and regulations, digital security, and blockchain among others. We can help you set a direction and meet the people you need to bring your product or idea to life. We firmly believe that successful products and happy customers are the best marketing we could get.

Design & Branding

The design for a banking website should not be the same as the design for an extreme sports website. One needs to bring out feelings of security and certainty while the other should fill you with adrenalin. We will help you create a design language that is not just aesthetically pleasing but provokes the desired feelings and tendencies in your customers.

Branding is not just visual design. It’s your vision, your mission, the feeling a shareholder or your loyal customer gets when they hear your brand name or see your logo, and much, much more. Branding is not something that can be done for a client. It is something we do together with a client to bring out the most their brand can be.

Planning & Prototyping

Even tho technically planning is a part of development, we like to keep it completely separate. The proper planning stage is crucial for the success and budgeting of a project. We understand that someone with an idea can hardly be expected to know and understand everything they would need and want in their product before they actually see and use the product. That is why we create an interactive prototype of the platform where we and the client can get a better feel of the product and can test it with target audiences. Only after the plan and the prototype are confirmed we proceed with the actual development. This drastically reduces design and feature changes during the development process and thus significantly reduces unexpected costs.

The result of this stage of the project is a complete feature/whitepaper/tech specifications and an interactive prototype. This is the basis for all further development either by Devleet or anyone else. It also allows us to easily bring in new developers, delegate work to subcontractors, and help the client resolve any missing pieces in the project.

Development & Testing

When the planning stage is done properly development is pretty straightforward. Together with the client we decide on how the development will be done, either by in-house developers at Devleet, subcontractors, one of the Devleet partners, or even a different company altogether.

Development at Devleet is usually done in short sprints, the result of each being an iteration of the product presented to the client. The client has a transparent overview of the progress made and is included in the development process.

Testing of the product is done throughout the whole development process by the developers and our QA team. We set up a testing platform to which the client has access so they can test the product in its current stage as well. The testing platform is updated once per sprint. Toward the end of the development, we set up user tests for target audiences. Based on the feedback final adjustments can be made to the design and UX of the product.


We help and support the client’s IT team in setting up the correct web hosting, domain registration, product set up, and anything else needed for the product to go into production. If the client does not have a dedicated IT team we can also take care of the whole process.

We offer technical support to the client for the duration of the lifespan of the product. That can include the gathering of user statistics, analysis, resolving any technical issues, taking care of updates, and more.


Every project is different and selecting the correct technologies for your use cases is crucial. Below you can find some of the technologies we work with but are by no means limited to. In addition to the technologies listed, we also work with AWS as a hosting and service provider.



Other tools