Devleet helps to shape, develop and digitalise ideas


Devleet brings experience and help in every stage
of your project

Low time to MVP

With our diverse team and agile methods we bring your 
project from an idea to a live prototype faster than you
imagined possible

  • Web & Custom software development
  • Mobile developement
  • Design & Branding
  • Consulting
  • Video content & Animation



Web & Custom software

We have a wide array of skills spanning across a wide
range of technologies to help you shape and
develop your ideas into a successful business. We
seamlessly navigate you trough the software
creation. We follow the agile approach and keep you
updated as much as you want.



Mobile developement

Whether you want a simple mobile game or a securtiy 
first fin-tech application we will develop it for you.


Design & Branding

Beyond aesthetics, graphic design also serves a higher purpose. Our focus is on creating things that generate revenue, while being visually pleasing. With a modern approach we will help you elevate your design and build up a brand that will separate you from the competition.



Our combination of expertise, experience and self taught talent can help you solve any problem that may arise. With our team we help you shape your idea and guide you through the process of planning, branding and development while providing legal advice.


Video content & Animation

We say more than 1000 words with a video, we create
feelings and emotions. With focus and a sense for aesthetics, we create a video to your liking, which puts you one step ahead of the competition.

Our approach to realising your ideas

Step 1


We will help you shape and fully develop your idea. We always try to fully adapt to your needs in order to achieve the best results possible.

Step 2

Design & Branding

Good design presents a solid basis for a brand. We believe that aesthetically pleasing and user focused design is key to good results.
Step 3

Planning & Prototyping

Planning is the most crucial part of any project. We will help you create specifications that will transform your idea into a working product.
Step 4

Development & Testing

We will fully develop the specified product and test
it to the level where it's market ready.

Step 5


We will fully deploy a finished software, thus
enabling intended users to use it.

We are hiring!

Our team uses an agile methodology that allows us to react instantly to the slightest change when necessary. We are capable of reshaping any strategy to meet evolving project conditions

Back-end developer

Blockchain architect / experienced developer

Have an idea?

We can start from the beginning or lend a helping hand